How to Make a Video Without Being on Camera

On the bright side of branding business and being your own boss, hey bosses, I’m sunny, Lenarduzzi and we’re doing another segment called brand beauty tutorials, and this is where I show you how to create amazing content online. That will help you stand out and be easily recognizable to your target audience today. We’Re talking about beautifying your video content and I have a feeling this is going to be a fan favorite, because one of the biggest complaints I get when I say, use video content for your business. So today, I’m going to show you three ways that you can create video content, where you don’t actually have to put your face on camera PS. We all know that video is the fastest way to grow your brand and your business online and if you haven’t checked it out, I have a video on the top five reasons.

You need a video for your business and your brand. If you haven’t watched it yet you can check it out right here, go watch it and the link is also in the description below
Alright, let’s hop into the tutorial so the first app that you can use to create a video post, just using images and words is ripple, so you open up the app and you create a new post. So we want to add a back-to-back drop on this. You don’t have to because there’s the preset backdrop, so let’s say we want to use this will save that and then we’re going to put in the primary text, which is your headlines, will get we’re going to call it to be your own boss and then we’ll do The hashtag is the secondary tax OB while boss, and then we’ll do my website as the destination link, and then we want to press the arrow at the top and you’ll see that it just creates it automatically. As a little video file, you can change the format of the font to whatever you want it to be.

You can change the color to fit your brand and then you can also add music. That’S already in here, and this is with the free version of ripple. You can upgrade for more options, but this does the trick for you and then once you press the arrow, it will ask you to share it as an animation or still so. You want to share it as an animation, so it’s actually a little video file, and that is what your final video will look like, and once you have the post ready to share it automatically will insert your go-to destination and your hashtags that you want to use That, based on what you used in the post and then it will be ready to be shared to any of your social platforms. But you do have to pay for the upgraded version in order to save it to your camera, roll, or your photos.

But if you just want to share social media, you can do that with the free versions. That’S one app that you can use to create video files and many videos, without actually being happened to be on camera. The next one option number two is legend. So, in the legend app, it works in the varies in a very similar way. It’S just a bit more of a modern layout and font, so we’re going to say be your own boss.

Again, you can upload a picture if you want so I’m actually going to leave at this time. I don’t really want to upload a picture here, but you can upload a picture at the backdrop and, as you can see, it will create these little mini animations or videos, using whatever text you want to use. You can change the colors. You can also turn it into a gift, so it automatically is animated in that way, for you and save it to your camera, roll or share it on social media and then once you’re done, save it to your camera roll, and that is what your final video Will look like and out of all of these ways that you can use video but not have to be on camera. This has to be my favorite and I’m seeing so many brands start to use this.

So we all know that inspirational content works really really well online and tends to get really high engagement, but oftentimes we’re seeing inspirational images or quotes static, content, graphics. So, instead, what a lot of people are starting to do is create many little videos that just kind of loop over and over again post them on Facebook, because on Facebook, video performs the best of any kind of content and overlay an inspirational quote. On top of it, so I’m going to show you exactly how you can do this for your brand and your business to get even more eyeballs on your content. Here’S an example of what I’m talking about so here you can see Gary vanish. The inner track creates these awesome graphics with these motivational quotes of his on his Facebook page.

So we always post these on his Facebook page, but what he started doing, which is so smart because he is a genius. He started creating them into little videos and it’s just on a constant loop, so people will see it every time it scrolls through the newsfeed. So how do you create this for your brand very easily? So what I did is I created a graphic in Canva and needs that the dimensions for this or 1920 x 1080 – that’s the size you want and then I’m just going to put the text over the top that I’ve used in the other little many videos that I’ve created I’m just going to leave that up there and then I’m going to add another piece of text with my handle on it. So people know where the graphic is coming from.

What I’m going to show you now is we filmed a little quick video of me just sitting down at my computer, I’m going to edit this, so there’s no sound on it and we’re going to slow down the speed. So we go to speed editor in iMovie and then I’m just going to duplicate it so plays over and over and over again, I’m also going to add a filter on it. So it’s a little bit darker, so I’m just going to add the glow filter on it. There we go and then what I’m going to do is add a filter on this as well. So I actually might make this white and then we’re going to add a filter.

A filter on this show will go to elements grids elements shapes will go up to the top here. We’re going to make that black and we’re going to put a transparent filter on it. Just take down the transparency, so it makes the image a little bit darker and we’re going to move this to the back and now we’re going to download this image. You need to go all the way down to the bottom and download with the transparent backdrop and I’m going to download it as a pain file. Then we open up, I movie again and we’re just going to make the statics we go to hear fit and we’re just going to drag this graphic all the way across the video there you go and that’s how you create your graphic with just text overlay.

So yes, I’m in this video, but you could take a video of really anything. Add this text-overlay and created as a looped video on Facebook. That’s going to autoplay in people’s feeds creates an inspirational graphic, but that graphics, actually video so you’re, going to get more reach me posted on platforms like Facebook and voila. Here is your beautiful, inspirational image, video graphic. I made that term.

I’m sure it’s not going to catch on but just go with it with me. Isn’T it beautiful any and all resources that i mentioned in this video are below in the description, can go there and check them out and start making your videos where you don’t even have to be on camera. Yet for that, and if you liked this video hit the like button below share it with your friends and be sure to subscribe for new content every week on branding business and being your own boss and speaking of bosses, you haven’t joined it. Yet we have an incredible mastermind group on Facebook called the be your own boss. Facebook mastermind and the link to join is below this video, its thousands of bosses from all over the world, supporting each other in growing their brands and their businesses and achieving the kind of lives that we want to live on.

Our terms – and I am in their answer your questions all day every day, so I will see you in there. Thank you guys for watching Sonny show, and I will see you next time the show

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