How To Leverage Facebook LIVE Videos Without Actually Being LIVE

hey guys in this video I wanted to talk about something that I do um for the last eight weeks or so um i do short live videos on my Facebook okay they are not really live but I stream them so they are streamed as a live video and um i do it like two or three times per day um you see here I’m on my Facebook profile um here Roland was live okay um this is one example here’s another one okay you see.

I do this a lot because it just works guys okay it beats every other post um that I do every other post type um per video i get like 20 to 50 views okay now the reach is on top and in addition, you have the chance to really connect to people okay not just post some spammy text or image you have the chance to connect to people um to get them to know you and hopefully like and trust you okay so you have a lot better position to recommend tools or products or whatever you are promoting okay this is why I do it of course if you ask me to do I like myself on video, no I don’t I didn’t want to do this in the first place but um yeah you know I tried and tried and tried and eventually it became very easy and this is what I wanted to share with you guys now the reason why I do not really live videos.

I record them okay and then I edit them and then I stream them so, first of all, it’s for me I’m not a native speaker sometimes I don’t know how to say certain things um and it’s just easier to record a video and being able to edit it and if you’re then pleased with it then live stream it okay it’s easier to do and um what you can do if you record a video you can record your screen, okay and this is not possible if you do a live video you can record your screen you can um explain things you can show things and um that is this is why what I do or why I do it now I use a very cheap software and it’s called Screencast-o-Matic it’s this here they even have a free plan let me show you.

Here they have a free plan that you can use to do this you can record your screen you can record yourself um and so on and then in this um program you can edit your videos and what I then do is I go over to one stream and again they have a free plan too I go to one screen I upload my video and then I stream it to Facebook and the great thing about this is that I can use my videos um for several times right I can uh live stream a video I can wait two weeks and then I can stream it again um and yeah this is for me the perfect way to do it if you want to try this too I will leave uh the links down below this video for the Screencast-o-Matic and also for the one stream again both are free all you need to do is invest your time and yeah learn how to use it okay for making videos even if you don’t like yourself on camera you should really try this out.

Because i think it will give you a big advantage in your online marketing okay really guys to get your face out there to get people to know you, uh they don’t even need to like or trust you but it’s a big advantage that they know that you are a real person and doing real stuff and not some kind of a fake profile scammer that you find millions on Facebook okay just show them that you are real and this will supercharge your online marketing okay whatever you do or whatever you promote it will help okay guys um that’s it hope you liked this video um if you liked it please subscribe to my youtube channel, okay and I will be happy to bring you my newest tips tricks and hacks regarding traffic and making money online on a regular basis alright guys hope to see you soon and bye

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